Titus O’Neil Reportedly Flips Out & Storms Off After Seeing Hulk Hogan at Extreme Rules


While discussing Hulk Hogan’s backstage appearance at Extreme Rules this Sunday on the latest installment of Barn Burner’s “No Hold Barred” podcast, Joseph Peisech revealed that a source told him there was a backstage incident where Titus O’Neil flipped out and stormed out of the arena after seeing Hulk Hogan backstage at the event.

“Titus O’Neil is a very big spokesperson for everything there [WWE] and he basically had a fit at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. He was taken away from what I heard. He was at the arena and he saw Hogan and said, “what is he doing here?” and they explained that he’s been re-instated. Hogan to his credit came and tried to shake his hand and talk to him but he [Titus] just packed his bags and left.”

You can listen to The No Hold Barred podcast embedded in the audio below.

(Please H/T Ringside News when using the above news)

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