The Scotsman may have finally returned to the WWE main roster, but his first goal after being released was to gain the respect of the passionate wrestling fan-base. He did wonders in ICW, and was one of the promotions biggest draws since its inception in 2006.

So when McIntyre was gearing up for his second run for the WWE, he new the exact path he had to take towards success. He recently appeared on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast where he reveals that NXT was always what he wanted.

[NXT] was what I wanted. I told my wife in the beginning when NXT really started catching fire, ‘You know what babe, ideal when I go back there first, if I do my thing here and I get a reputation in the independent scene, then I believe I can get an angle to NXT because it’s such a passionate fan base. I think that would be the place for me to go to really show what I can do. And then when the time is right, because the transition is so much smoother from NXT to RAW and SmackDown because it moves so fast. RAW and Smackdown, there’s so many hours of unique TV every single week all year round.

Check out the full episode here. 

Steve Carrier

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