Austin Aries Takes Jab at WWE & It’s Brass Ring


Impact Wrestling published new footage of Austin Aries discussing why he returned to Impact Wrestling and seemingly took a jab at the way WWE booked him. Aries pointed out that not every “platform” allows the same freedoms or allow you to grab the brass ring.

“Why did Austin Aries choose to come back to Impact Wrestling? Cause Impact Wrestling needed me and I like to feel needed. I like to feel wanted. But in some ways maybe Austin Aries needed the platform of Impact Wrestling.”

“Not every platform is created equal. Not every platform allows the same freedoms, not every platform gives guys the opportunity to truly grab the brass ring. They offered me an opportunity, they said ‘hey, we love what you do, we respect the artist you are, please come to Impact Wrestling, we’re going to give you a blank canvass to paint as you see fit.”

You can check out his remarks below.

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