As seen on Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules event, Kurt Angle announced that Brock Lesnar needs to appear at RAW tonight and work out some sort of deal to defend the WWE Universal Championship title or he will strip him of it.

Mike Johnson discussed Brock Lesnar’s status and where they are heading with this storyline on today’s installment of PWInsider Elite Audio. Johnson mentioned that he hasn’t heard that Brock is going to be there and speculated that they may actually just fly in Paul Heyman from New York City to do an angle instead.

“The idea here is to get people anticipating, “Oh my god, Brock Lesnar better show up on RAW or there is going to be hell to pay.” They finally got em’ and they are hoping people are going to tune in because they think Brock is going to be there. I haven’t heard that Brock’s going to be there. They’re in Buffalo tomorrow [tonight]. Paul Heyman is in New York City. It’s a 45 minute flight or a one-hour flight. So they could easily get Paul Heyman in there to do some sort of angle or some sort of appearance or interview. They could even film something at titan towers and beam it up there.”

Johnson explained that the match will obviously happen and he doesn’t see him skipping SummerSlam or even the October Australia pay-per-view later this year, which is an all hands on deck event.

“Obviously at this point Brock is coming back. There was talk that he wasn’t going to come back until later in the year. I think the UFC stuff has changed that, if you know what I mean. I would be shocked if he’s not working the SummerSlam pay-per-view or the Australia pay-per-view in October because they certainly want all hands on deck for that one.”

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