Brock Lesnar wasn’t in Boston for Raw because he doesn’t work most Mondays. But his advocate was backstage at Raw and helping out in a writing capacity.

Dave Meltzer explained during Wrestling Observer Radio what Paul Heyman was doing on Raw this week. Just because Lesnar isn’t there doesn’t mean there’s not a place for Paul E.

“He was involved in the Roman Reigns/ Bobby Lashley stuff because that’s Lesnar’s angle. I mean that is Lesnar’s angle so you know. I don’t think he was involved in that pull apart and that pull apart is the same thing they always do. So there’s nothing all that new or innovative about it, it was just really good.”

“The interview stuff with Lashley was I think the stuff he was working on.”

WWE hasn’t made it official that the winner between Reigns and Lashley at Extreme Rules will be for a Universal Title shot just yet, but it looks like that’s the direction they could be going with things.

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