Will Hiromu Takahashi Need Surgery?

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Hiromu Takahashi took a bad bump at NJPW’s G1 Special In San Francisco when he was dumped on the top of his head. He went on to win the match but was operating on pure adrenaline because once he got backstage, he was rushed to the hospital.

Early reports were that Takahashi suffered a broken neck. He was said to be sitting up and talking so that was a good sign.

Takahashi was able to make it back to Japan to further his treatment and get home. This was also a good sign and Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Takahashi will not need surgery.

At this time his broken neck hasn’t even been confirmed yet so the injury isn’t official. Hopefully, he’ll be able to heal up quickly. If he’s able to wrestle again, then he needs to really be more careful because you never know how many of these kinds of scares someone has in them.

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