Goldust debuted in 1988 and has become an icon in the professional wrestling business. During his career, Goldust has won countless Championships in a number of promotions around the world- most prominently in WCW and WWE.

Despite never winning a World Championship in one of the larger promotions within the wrestling world, Goldust is believed by many to be a future Hall of Famer and a legendary figure that cannot be replaced as there is nobody else like him.

During a Twitter Q&A, where users submitted questions using the hashtag #GoldieIsANationalTreasure, one fan asked Goldust what he would want to do in his career before it is all said and done. Goldust responded, claiming he only wants to win a World title.


Goldust didn’t specify that the Championship had to come from WWE, though. Some speculate in his comments that he could also go for the NWA Worlds Championship, which is currently around the waist of Nick Aldis- the husband to WWE Superstar Mickie James.

Could you see Goldust as a World Champion? Would you like to see him in such a position? Sound off in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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