Brock Lesnar showed up at UFC 226 and challenged Daniel Cormier for a match and DC didn’t seem to back down. Now a fight just needs to be booked in around 6 months after Lesnar’s suspension is settled because he’s re-entered the USADA testing pool.

WWE no-sold Lesnar’s UFC 226 cameo and didn’t mention him on Raw at all. Dave Meltzer pointed out during Wrestling Observer Radio that this could be a sign there is some trouble brewing backstage.

“What I found very interesting is that there was not a mention of Brock Lesnar on Raw at all. That tells me there’s something up. I don’t know what it is, I’m going to find out.”

“Lesnar is one of their guys, he’s their Universal Champion and he just did something that got a lot of attention. Far more than Ronda Rousey going into the Hall Of Fame spot for that matter which they did cover. But they — to the point that Roman Reigns did an interview later on about beating Bobby Lashley and going on and the next natural word is ‘I’m going to take Brock Lesnar’s championship’ and he did not say it.”

“So something’s changed in the last week. Clearly WWE is not happy about it because if they were happy about it they’d be talking about it and quite frankly and when you think about it the angle they’re booking, what Lesnar did accentuates that angle. It tells everyone, ‘hey he’s more concerned about UFC and he’s going to leave us so we need to get behind Roman Reigns instead of this guy who doesn’t really like us wrestling fans and is not loyal to our wrestling cause and all that stuff. That was perfect to their storyline and they didn’t hit it so something’s up.”

Brock Lesnar might have ruffled some features when he showed up at UFC 226. But at this point he probably doesn’t mind too much. He’s re-entered the USADA pool and is waiting for his next big payday at this point. It might get interesting in WWE’s Universal Title picture soon though.

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