Edge opens today’s show by speaking about The Revival. He points out that in the past few weeks they’ve been put in a position to show what they can do on Monday Night RAW. He knows that those two guys are chomping at the bit to prove their worth, and he thinks they’ll take full advantage of this situation.

Edge points out that he’s a big fan of what The War Raiders are doing in NXT. He’s also really looking forward to the upcoming match between Aleister Black and Tomasso Ciampa. Christian agrees, noting that both Black and Ciampa are great workers and terrific storytellers. He thinks they’ll have great chemistry together and he’s looking forward to watching the match.

Edge & Christian welcome Chavo Guerrero to the show.


Guerrero notes that he’s been in the wrestling business as long as he can remember. He can recall actually learning to walk in his family’s wrestling ring, and he’s been earning a living from the business at the highest level for over 23 years now. He notes that he’s been banged up over the years, but professional wrestlers learn how to work around their injuries because if you don’t wrestle, you don’t get paid.

Edge talks about the time he spent working with Guerrero. He notes that they always had terrific chemistry together and Guerrero agrees. Guerrero recalls one match he had against Edge on Smackdown and they did some amazing things in that match. They also teamed together for a period of time, and they had great chemistry as a tag team as well.

Edge points out that at that time, they were part of the “Smackdown 6” along with other talents such as Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. They were being booked in a variety of tag matches with each other from week to week and they’d always have great matches. Guerrero jokes that he wishes he knew how high WWE officials were on all of them at that point, because they probably could have asked for more money during contract negotiations.

Guerrero recalls being moved to the RAW brand for one live event tour with Rey Mysterio. They worked the main event slot with each other and tore the house down, and after the match Edge came up to them and told them how great the match was. Edge was WWE Champion at the time and didn’t need to do that, and Guerrero always remembered that.

Edge points out that the mentality back then was to have the best match possible, no matter where you were on the card. This resulted in a competitive atmosphere where everyone tried to have a better match than the one before them on the card. He really enjoyed watching Guerrero and Mysterio tear the house down each night on that live tour.

Guerrero recalls another time when he and Eddie Guerrero were asked to open a string of live event shows. He was reluctant to do so, pointing out to Vince McMahon that their match would be a hard act for the other performers to follow. McMahon laughed and urged Guerrero to prove it.

After their first match they walked back through the curtain and McMahon was standing and clapping. He agreed with Guerrero at that point that it was going to be a hard match to follow. He adds that some of the most fun he’s ever had was working with Eddie Guerrero.

Guerrero informs that he’s the Wrestling Coordinator and Consultant for the Netflix original series, GLOW. He points out that he’s basically the go-to guy for everything wrestling related on the show, and working on that show has been an amazing experience so far.

He adds that working on that show has been a television boot camp for him. He’s in constant discussion with the Producers and Directors, and it’s been fun to work with all the actresses as well. He credits his time in WWE with giving him a base knowledge of how the entertainment world works and that has come in handy while working on this show.

Edge asks Guerrero about his experience working with Lucha Underground. He points out that he’s had a great time working on that program. It was important for them to separate themselves from WWE, because if they tried to script their programming like WWE they’d just be viewed as a cheap knock off.

He also points out that Lucha Underground has a different business model than WWE. WWE utilizes their television programming to push viewers to monthly PPVs, as well as to bolster live event attendance. Lucha Underground doesn’t have live events or PPVs, so their major concern is simply to get viewers to tune into next week’s show.

That sums up this week’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!


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