Kenny Omega’s name keeps coming up in conversation about who WWE needs to sign. While we have an idea about how soon it could happen, it doesn’t mean it will.

The Cleaner recently appeared on The Ross Report where he went into some details about plenty of topics in a 2-part episode. During the 2nd portion of the interview, Omega addressed a possible run with WWE.

Omega said he keeps track of what is going on in WWE and watches at least the highlights of all shows including Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, and NXT. He then went into some detail about who he would like to face on WWE’s main roster. Only time will tell if it happens, but Omega didn’t seem to reject the idea when speaking to Good ‘ole JR.

“A lot of the guys that even though they came up through the indies you know we were in different stages of our lives and we never mixed it up together. I could say you know if I could work with Seth Rollins at some point in time that would be a lot of fun.

“So when I think about the possibilities of stuff like that it does get me excited. Now every promotion has so many good guys. There’s really no way I would have a bad time going almost anywhere because the depth of the talent is just so deep. WWE right now has a very great collection of talent with guys and I would feel like it’s a missed opportunity if I couldn’t work with them at some point. Of course the huge name among them is AJ. You know I’d love to work with AJ and I’d like to be able to do it while I can still move, you know what I mean?”

Kenny Omega might have a lot to do in between the time he has to worry about signing a WWE contract and now, but it looks like he’s looking forward to the idea of facing a couple guys. How do you think Kenny Omega would fair in WWE?


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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