The Greatest Royal Rumble was mildly underwhelming but the hype surrounding it was absolutely majestic. One of the biggest stories to have come out before the show was that of Rusev’s match with the Undertaker.

First, Rusev was booked to face the Undertaker in a Casket Match but for reasons, he was pulled out. The Bulgarian Brute’s replacement was none other than Chris Jericho. However, Jericho was eventually pulled out from the spot and Rusev was back on.

On the latest episode of Ride Along, Rusev revealed why he was pulled out from the said event. Rusev revealed that he laughed at Vince McMahon when he was told about his match against The Undertaker. This was primarily the reason why he was pulled out from the match.

However, due to his popularity in Saudi Arabia, the Prince called them and got Rusev back on the match.


Remember when Vince told me I was going to face The Undertaker and I laughed at him? And what I get for it? I got pulled out [from the match]. And then the Prince [of Saudi Arabia] called and he told me Rusev Day is coming to town baby.

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(Don’t forget to h/t Ringside News while making use of the above give quotes)

Darshan Sheth

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