WWE has a new home in 2019 for SmackDown Live which will not only make the Blue Team WWE’s A-Show but it will also bring them to a much larger network audience.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how he thought it was interesting that nobody had focused on the fact that WWE didn’t get a television contract with Fox, but their Fox Sports division instead which could be a very different thing for them.

“One of the big stories that no one’s talked about in the WWE Fox deal and I didn’t even know about this until yesterday. Is that this is not Fox Entertainment, it’s Fox Sports. I knew Eric Shanks was at the meeting but I just figured it’s sorta sport. But this is a Fox Sports property not entertainment property so what that means, I don’t know what that means compared to whatever but that’s how they are viewing it as a sport which is going to be interesting because I don’t think they’re going to treat it like one because if they do… WWE isn’t used to being treated like a sport. And they’re not a sport, they’re an entertainment [show].”

It was also noted how Fox Sports might help with WWE’s production because for most sports Fox does the production. Early on, Fox might go with the idea that Vince McMahon knows what he’s doing. If the ratings decline then that might change, but for the most part, they’re expected to be hands-off because nobody knows about pro wrestling in that business because it’s a totally different animal. But you never know and Fox Sports might have some ideas from the jump on how to change WWE’s programming.

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H Jenkins

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