In what might be the strangest news you’ve heard today, NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan’s theme music may very well have real screams from a female wrestler the WWE Universe is familiar with. In fact, if this is true, CFO$ may have completely hidden this secret under the noses of everyone.

Instagram user Thatsroode recently explained to his twenty-eight thousand followers that he is a firm believer that RAW Superstar Alicia Fox is heard screaming on Sullivan’s theme song.

To back up his claims, he shared a video showing the very scream he believes is being used in Sullivan’s theme. If you take a listen, you’ll notice the two screams are identical. The only difference is that the sound in Sullivan’s theme is more muffled.

If this is true, it is a very interesting easter egg the group threw in. At this stage, CFO$ has yet to respond with any confirmation as to the legitimacy of these claims.


If you would like to hear the clips side by side for yourself and create your own opinion, you can take a look at the original Instagram post below. Fair warning, headphone users beware. Fox has a terribly loud scream.

So where do you stand? Is it real? Sound off in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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