It was reported last week via The Los Angeles Times (via Bloody Elbow), early estimates suggest that UFC 225’s buyrate was below 150,000 buys. We have now learned that these estimates were way off and new estimates put the show at doing much better than originally reported.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, UFC 225 is tracking at 250,000 buys, which is nearly 100,000 more buys than early predictions.

“UFC 225 show is tracking at 250,000 buys, which is a lot closer to expectations than the 150,000 figure that went around last week.”

“We had heard numbers a lot higher than 150,000 at that time, actually at around 280,000 was the first estimate out.”

There you have it. The show wasn’t a complete bust after all.

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Steve Carrier

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