Elias is a bad guy who is extremely over with most crowds he performs in front of. Not only do fans love being insulted by The Drifter but he’s also cheered in a big way and people chant “Walk With Elias,” very loudly when he asks them what WWE stands for.

It looks like Elias might be turning babyface if the IC Title match at Money In The Bank is any indication of things as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I think the nature of that finish is the longterm thing that Elias is going to be a babyface. Which in fact, he is.”

“I think they want the idea of ‘oh he got cheated’ because that’s kind of how they set the stage for a babyface turn where the heel gets cheated and the fans go, ‘oh he kind of got cheated there.'”

It might only be a matter of time before Elias is a top babyface. But then again, he’s also pretty popular as it is so they might not have to stretch it too far to get fans to accept Elias as a good guy.

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H Jenkins

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