We previously reported that Triple H was open to having WWE work with New Japan Pro Wrestling down the line. We now have an update to the story, and it isn’t exactly for the best for those of you hoping for any collaboration between the two companies.

It was reported in the past few days that through Triple H, WWE could cross-promote alongside NJPW given their expansion into American territory and rising popularity due to talents such as the members of The Bullet Club and CHAOS!

Jack King, known on the internet as Jack The Jobber of Cultaholic has issued a rumor killer on this story. King was part of the conference call that this reported Triple H comment came from. On his Twitter account, quoting a tweet by Pro Wrestling News, he denied reports that Triple H had ever said that.

King explains that Triple H was asked if WWE would work with NJPW. Triple H slid away from the initial question, claiming that WWE would be open to working with anyone. Given the recent troubles between the two promotions, this was likely a way for Triple H to answer the question without giving a definitive answer. This is also something ‘The Game’ has been criticized for in the past.


To clarify, King explains that Triple H simply said WWE is open to working with any promotion. He didn’t specifically say or confirm in any way that WWE and NJPW could have any cross-promotional future.

We’ve featured King’s comments below.

That said, there will be a lot of people out there still adamant that a WWE and NJPW cross-promotional future is possible. While the future in pro wrestling is open to debate, we can say at least for right now, there will be no crossover.

Would you like to see WWE and NJPW work together? What crossover matches would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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