Money In The Bank is coming up very soon and we have 2 MITB matches again this year even though they planned for a tag team match that was scrapped. But there are still 2 ladder matches meaning 2 briefcases will be in play.

Dave Meltzer discussed the likelihood of each briefcase translating into an actual title win during Wrestling Observer Radio. While explaining his reasoning, Meltzer looked to the last year because WWE doesn’t like to duplicate themselves too much when it’s possible to avoid.

“I think the women winner will end up as champion for sure. I think the male winner since Corbin didn’t last year I think it’s almost a lock that [the men’s MITB winner] has to as well.”

If you judge what will happen by what has taken place in the past, Money In The Bank could be the stepping stone for a couple new champions in WWE this year.

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H Jenkins

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