How WWE’s New SmackDown Deal Could Change Indie Wrestling

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WWE has a lot of new money coming in for the next five years and they might decide to spend their profits in a very interesting way.

Dave Meltzer was asked during Wrestling Observer Radio if this new television deal could alter indie wrestling when he had a somewhat concerning response.

“There’s going to be a lot of dynamic changes. I think you know a lot of it’s up to WWE. Becuase it’s like do they want to stockpile 200 people in the Performance Center to keep everybody away from the indies just to have them. Do they want to do that? They may.”

“I’ll put it this way the indie wrestling itself on a small level doesn’t threaten WWE but as you can see from the UK situation loud and clear anyone getting any kind of a foothold they will spring into action and do everything in their power to make sure nobody gets a foothold.”

So you never know if WWE might just buy up all of the top names in indie wrestling just to keep them so nobody else can use them. After all, they will have $2 billion dollars between their new TV contracts to do pretty much whatever they want with the money.

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