How Much WWE Superstars Really Make Off House Shows

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It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how WWE Superstars have to pay their own road expenses and he explained how in the end, that doesn’t add up to a lot of money. Dave Meltzer commented that just because WWE is making $2 billion over the next 5 years off television deals doesn’t really mean their Superstars will benefit much in the way of their paychecks.

“The way that they do things you are paid on the house. Which is ridiculous now. I mean it’s been ridiculous for 10 years. I mean it’s completely ridiculous now. I mean the house is not the revenue stream.”

“What percentage is fair for them to get? I mean I don’t know if 50% is fair I mean 8% sounds awful low to me and that’s what they’re getting. With this kind of money it probably makes it down to 5% unless they get what they’re gonna get.”

With SmackDown moving to Fridays and possibly knocking out another house show it could take even more money from the SmackDown Live roster’s pockets.

When we did the match on average a WWE ticket is $75 and they might sell 3,000 on average. The figure of around $225,000 sounds great but when you take 8% of that speculative number into consideration it doesn’t leave much when dividing between around 15-20 people.

Of course, other Superstars have different deals but in the end their actual paydays might not add up to much.

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