X-Pac open today’s show by speaking about the fact that ALL IN sold out in less than a half hour. X-Pac was so happy to hear that news and he wasn’t surprised at all. He knew it was going to sell out, and he predicted it would sell out in the first day.

X-Pac comments on the rumours that Big Cass has backstage heat after directly ignoring orders from Vince McMahon on last week’s RAW. X-Pac was blown away by this news. He can’t believe that Cass would directly ask for permission to do something, and then after being told no he’d decid to do it anyways.

He notes that performers have often done things that have pissed Vince McMahon and the company off, but he can’t recall anyone ever going against McMahon’s orders after he specifically told them not to do something. X-Pac thought Cass came back from his injury as a much better performer than he was before being forced out of action. He says that Cass just needs to stay the course and be patient right now.


Charlotte was forced to undergo surgery recently due to an issue with her breast implant. X-Pac notes that Chyna had similar issues with her implants back in the day, and the implant manufacturers developed a special implant called the “Chyna 2000” for her so they wouldn’t tear as easily as the regular implants during her matches.

X-Pac notes that he’s happy for both Enzo Amore and Rich Swann, who’ve both been cleared of any wrongdoing in their respective assault cases. He’s happy that everything turned out the way it did for Amore, and he hopes Amore has learned from this. He’s also very glad that Swann has decided to continue wrestling because Swann’s a super good guy and a special wrestler.

X-Pac welcomes Conrad Thompson to the show.

X-Pac congratulates Thompson on the success of his newest podcast, “83 Weeks” with Eric Bischoff. Thompson notes that the show might have caught some people by surprise because some people were worried that all of Bischoff’s stories have been told over the years. Thompson informs that he comes at these stories from a different angle and he’s been able to draw some new information out of Bischoff. Last week’s show did 102,000 downloads, and he hopes to keep building on those numbers.

Thompson discusses the development of Starrcast. He informs that he spoke to Cody Rhodes in an airport many months ago and they started communicating after that. Thompson sent Rhodes his entire plan for a podcast convention through email, and Rhodes and The Young Bucks loved it. As of now they’ve sold over 1500 tickets and it’s going to be the second biggest wrestling convention of the year after WrestleCon in Thompson’s opinion.

Thompson informs that he could understand that some people in the business might be hesitant about him running this convention. He’s simply a fan who finds himself in a very unique situation and wanted to try something new. Luckily, he hasn’t faced too much criticism and a lot of people within the business have been great to him.

X-Pac asks Thompson about the recent controversy surrounding Vince Russo’s involvement with Starrcast. X-Pac notes that he likes Russo and considers him to be a good man. Thompson informs that he asked Russo to be involved with the event and he didn’t run that information by anybody because Starrcast is his event and he didn’t feel the need to tell anyone else.

He likes Russo and they’ve had real life conversations together, but the online backlash to Russo’s announcement was so divisive that he was forced to make a business decision and had to cut ties with Russo. Nonetheless, he hopes to work with Russo at some point in the future.

X-Pac asks Thompson about the debut of “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” on the WWE Network. Thompson notes that WWE ran a fan survey many months ago asking fans what type of content they’d enjoy to see on the Network, and podcasts had great results. Thompson was hesitant initially because he thought WWE would try to change the show and he didn’t want to do that to his fans.

When WWE did the RAW25 poll, asking fans to choose which returning Superstar they’re most excited to see, Brother Love scored higher than The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that caught the company’s attention. They began negotiations again and were able to agree on terms.

X-Pac welcomes The Young Bucks to the show.

Matt informs that he was blown away by the quick sellout of ALL IN. He says he would have been happy with 7000 tickets sold in the first week, and then they would have had to do some old school promotion to sell the last 3000. They were blown away when it sold out in the first hour, and they haven’t had to spend a lot of money on promotion due to the power of social media and the fact that Pro Wrestling Tees have been so great to them.

X-Pac asks them if they’ve decided whether they’ll live stream the event or not. They inform that they haven’t made that decision yet, but it looks pretty promising at this point.

The Bucks are asked who they’d like to have on ALL IN if they weren’t signed with WWE. Nick says he’d love to have A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn on the show. Matt would love to have The Revival appear so they could work a match with them. He informs that they almost reached out to WWE about The Revival potentially appearing on their show and working a match, but they didn’t want to make it about WWE.

The Young Bucks informs that roughly 50% of their annual income comes from merchandise sales at this point.

They inform that ALL IN was originally going to take place at the Cow Palace on July 7th. They also admit that they’re already thinking about ALL IN 2, but they want to focus on putting off a great first event. They note that if they do have ALL IN 2, they may move to a bigger building due to how quick this event sold out.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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