X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Conrad Thompson & The Young Bucks – Development of ALL IN & Starrcast, Russo/Starrcast Controversy, Will There Be An ALL IN 2? More!

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X-Pac open today’s show by speaking about the fact that ALL IN sold out in less than a half hour. X-Pac was so happy to hear that news and he wasn’t surprised at all. He knew it was going to sell out, and he predicted it would sell out in the first day.

X-Pac comments on the rumours that Big Cass has backstage heat after directly ignoring orders from Vince McMahon on last week’s RAW. X-Pac was blown away by this news. He can’t believe that Cass would directly ask for permission to do something, and then after being told no he’d decid to do it anyways.

He notes that performers have often done things that have pissed Vince McMahon and the company off, but he can’t recall anyone ever going against McMahon’s orders after he specifically told them not to do something. X-Pac thought Cass came back from his injury as a much better performer than he was before being forced out of action. He says that Cass just needs to stay the course and be patient right now.

Charlotte was forced to undergo surgery recently due to an issue with her breast implant. X-Pac notes that Chyna had similar issues with her implants back in the day, and the implant manufacturers developed a special implant called the “Chyna 2000” for her so they wouldn’t tear as easily as the regular implants during her matches.

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