The Miz is looking to become Mr. Money In The Bank 2018 at this point but fans couldn’t help but notice how amazing he was on commentary during SmackDown Live last week.

One caller asked Wrestling Observer Live if The Miz could be transitioned into a commentary position after his in-ring career comes to an end because he shows a great ability at telling a story and putting people over on the microphone.

“Is he good at putting the talent over? I mean he’s a great talker but I mean–” Bryan Alvarez started to say before cohost Mike Sempervive cut him off to finish the statement about what The Miz could do following his in-ring career.

“I’d give him a job for life in PR somewhere. I mean any guy that’s had this much energy and been this much of a company man I gotta be honest I’d find a place for him somewhere. I don’t know if it’s commentary or what but the guy’s got a career if he would want it there for a long time.”

Then it was noted by Alvarez that the bar isn’t really set too high when it comes to commentary at this point in WWE. But it looks like The Miz fit in pretty well at the announce table to us. What do you think?


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H Jenkins

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