WWE Continues Restricting The United Kingdom Roster


When WWE was first setting up their United Kingdom roster they told the pro wrestlers and the media that there would be no restrictions on where the talent could work outside of WWE. This obviously wasn’t the case because they weren’t allowed to perform at any event being broadcasted unless it was specifically approved by WWE and the same went for events that weren’t broadcast as well.

Now it looks like there are even more restrictions on where the UK talents can work as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that WWE’s UK roster is no longer allowed to work shows for Revolution Pro or Defiant Pro. It was also presumed that many other promotions have also found themselves in the same category at this point.

Progress and ICW, who both have financial ties to WWE are likely to be a rare exception to this restriction as WWE continues to make sure that they have a continued say in the affairs of the UK guys they have under contract.

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