Ronda Rousey was in a feud with Mickie James and then all of a sudden Nia Jax challenged her to try and take her title at Money In The Bank. Now we have a very unexpected match for the Raw Women’s Title.

Dave Meltzer discussed this booking decision on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said that this had to have been a last minute booking decision on WWE’s part due to a few signs.

“I think because of the fact they just started the Mickie James thing and they’ve already dropped it tells me that what they did today was a last minute change of ideas because nothing had built this up at all. It came out of nowhere.”

“So I don’t think this is something they planned because it’s a stupid plan.”


It looks like this might have been a last-minute decision because for some reason WWE officials decided to drop Mickie James’ feud with Rousey and put her in the title chase instead. Only time will tell what happens, but Ronda Rousey might be in a very interesting situation soon enough.

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