JBL Jumps To Road Dogg’s Defense Against Twitter Troll


Sometimes things can go in unintended directions when Twitter is concerned.

This all started with JBL tweeting out a gif of Billy Gunn taking the Clothesline From Hell saying, “Billy ran so hard it hurt my arm. Was tough on me…”

This caused Road Dogg to comment saying in jest: “I noticed a lot of people ran really hard into your arm on this move. One time I did it twice in one match so hard that it knocked me out each time. Do you remember that? I don’t!” Road Dogg followed this comment with another one saying, “I still hear that same complaint today only now they spell ‘work’ w.r.i.t.e.”

Then one fan tweeted out, “Ironically enough that tweet is the most well-written piece you’ve produced in years,” accompanied by an animated gif of a confused Elmo.

It didn’t take long for JBL to step in and defend Road Dogg by saying that the SmackDown creative head is “one of the most creative minds I have ever come across.”

Road Dogg replied by simply blocking the troll which is a suitable alternative too.

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