Big Cass might have lost to Daniel Bryan at Backlash, but he made sure that he destroyed his opponent afterwards. In the storyline, Big Cass’s attacks on Bryan are said to be the reason why he lost his match against Rusev last night.

In a backstage interview, Big Cass took credit for Rusev’s qualification into Money in the Bank match and said that he should get back there and thank him.

Of course I am happy about [Bryan losing his match]. I mean, I am the reason he lost the match. After what I did to him on Sunday at Backlash, how could he ever come out here tonight and think he’s gonna win a Money in the Bank qualifying match. I mean, I am the absolute reason why he lost that match and…as a matter of fact, I think Rusev should back here and he should thank me. Because I am the reason he won that match. I am the reason he’s going to Money in the Bank to have an opportunity at the briefcase and the contract inside of it.

After this, Cass cut a goofy promo taking shots at people on Social Media who will criticize him after watching this. He went on to say that fans won’t like this but he doesn’t need any validation from them.

Furthermore, he even claimed that he will get his qualification match very soon.


Guess what, I am not gonna read [the comments made by fans]. I don’t need to read those comments, Renee. I don’t need to tweet, I don’t need to put stuff on Instagram every hour of every day. I don’t need that validation. I don’t need to post a picture or tweet a tweet and read all the comments and look at my phone and [say], “Oh did the people like it? Oh yeah they’re responding positively or they’re responding negatively?”. I don’t need that reassurance, I don’t need that validation like everybody else in this entire company. I don’t need that.

The only reassurance I need is winning my Money in the Bank qualifying match. Which will happen somewhere, against somebody I don’t know who, at some time. But it’s going to happen to me. How can it not happen after what I have done the past two weeks. I deserve an opportunity. And I will go on to the Money in the Bank match, I will win that, then I will take that briefcase with the contract inside and I will cash that in and I will win a championship of my choosing.

Cass ended the promo by saying that he predicted the future and he should be called “Casstradamus”.

You can watch the whole interview here:

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Darshan Sheth

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