WWE Had No Main Event Intentions For AJ Styles When He First Signed


AJ Styles is the face that built SmackDown Live as we know him today but it almost didn’t turn out like this for AJ in WWE.

Dave Meltzer was discussing how WWE might treat Kenny Omega during Wrestling Observer Radio where he made a comparison to AJ Styles and revealed that WWE’s original thought for AJ wasn’t in the main event scene at all.

“The only reason AJ Styles got the push that he did was because the crowd reacted to him. He was not geared towards doing anything this big. That was never the plan when they got him. It wasn’t like to bury him but the idea of him being a world champion that was certainly not in the plans. But the crowd went for him really big.”

The rest, as they say, is history. It’s a wonder that WWE didn’t have plans for AJ Styles to become a megastar and really makes you wonder how they first envisioned AJ’s run with the company.

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