It was reported over the weekend that Jason Jordan would be at RAW this past Monday, however he never actually appeared on this week’s broadcast.

Mike Johnson reported on that latest installment of PWInsider Elite Audio that Jordan was backstage but they opted not to use him on the show.

“By the way because a couple people already emailed me, Jason Jordan was backstage at RAW but they just opted not to use him on TV. So he was there, like we said he was going to and we had an angry reader already write to us to say I was a “c-word” because he wasn’t on TV. If you looked at what I wrote, I never said he was going to be on TV. I just said he was going to be on RAW. This was the first time he’s been there since they sent him home to have the neck surgery back during the first week of February.”

Johnson did not elaborate any further on why he was not used or when they plan to insert Jordan back into WWE storyline but we will keep you updated if we hear anything.

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Steve Carrier

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