Talk is Jericho Recap w/ The Young Bucks – Invading RAW, Building A Merchandise Empire, Will They Ever Work for WWE? More!

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Jericho is joined on today’s show by The Young Bucks.

Jericho opens today’s show by pointing out that Matt and Nick are arguably the biggest wrestling names not in WWE at the moment. They agree that it’s certainly felt like that over the last couple of years, but it’s still humbling to work shows in Japan where they usually work the first match of the evening. They enjoy working in Japan because they can act as real heels and they can actually get booed there, unlike in the United States where fans cheer everything they do.

Jericho asks Matt and Nick about the darkest time in their careers. They both agree that the end of their run in TNA and the beginning of their second run in ROH (which was a failed run) were dark times. Jim Cornette was in charge at ROH when they started their second run there and things didn’t go as planned. They were told that their West coast flights were too expensive for the company, and they sat home while their contracts expired.

Matt informs that he was ready to quit the business around this time because he was about to have a child and needed the money, even though he still loved the business. Nick truly believed that they were supposed to do something special in the business so they changed their attitudes and decided to stop micro-managing themselves. They threw caution to the wind and decided to be themselves for better or for worse, and soon things took off for them.

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