Jericho is joined on today’s show by The Young Bucks.

Jericho opens today’s show by pointing out that Matt and Nick are arguably the biggest wrestling names not in WWE at the moment. They agree that it’s certainly felt like that over the last couple of years, but it’s still humbling to work shows in Japan where they usually work the first match of the evening. They enjoy working in Japan because they can act as real heels and they can actually get booed there, unlike in the United States where fans cheer everything they do.

Jericho asks Matt and Nick about the darkest time in their careers. They both agree that the end of their run in TNA and the beginning of their second run in ROH (which was a failed run) were dark times. Jim Cornette was in charge at ROH when they started their second run there and things didn’t go as planned. They were told that their West coast flights were too expensive for the company, and they sat home while their contracts expired.


Matt informs that he was ready to quit the business around this time because he was about to have a child and needed the money, even though he still loved the business. Nick truly believed that they were supposed to do something special in the business so they changed their attitudes and decided to stop micro-managing themselves. They threw caution to the wind and decided to be themselves for better or for worse, and soon things took off for them.

The Bucks mention that they use to tour for weeks at a time in Japan, travelling up and down the roads in busses and that’s how Being the Elite started. They admit that it almost felt like a WWE raid when they signed Anderson, Gallows and Styles a couple of years ago, and it was very hard to see those guys leave because they were best friends.

They mention that the wrestling business is weird because they were best friends with those guys and spent nearly every day together, and although they’re still friends, they only text each other once a month now.

Jericho mentions that the WWE schedule is a grind. He actually met Styles in an airport recently and Styles mentioned that he was very busy, but Jericho notes that you simply can’t turn down the success Styles is having right now as WWE’s top guy. The Bucks say they love their schedule, and add that WWE wouldn’t be able to pay them what they’re making right now on the schedule they have.

Matt and Nick mention that they can book time off and relax whenever they want, and they’re still running their massive merchandise empire from home. Their shirts are flying off the shelves at Hot Topic, and they own their own merchandise which means they make good money from those sales.

Jericho notes that WWE’s royalty cheques are good but not as good as they should be, because the performers’ percentage on certain merchandise is very low. Nick and Matt mention that NJPW still owns the Bullet Club skull so they don’t make all of the money from the sales of those shirts. They inform that they almost bought that logo a few years ago but they were a month late.

The Bucks mention that they worked with WWE off and on for short period of time many years ago. They were almost signed multiple times, but it just never happened. They mention that it was a different time, and it was harder to get signed then.

The Bucks talk about working with The Hardy Boyz over a year ago. They inform that they had a year-long storyline planned out with Hardys, where they planned on working to cross promote ROH and TNA. They were going to take The TNA Tag Team Titles from The Hardys the weekend of WrestleMania last year, but when Matt and Jeff signed with WWE that put an end to those plans.

Jericho asks them about their invasion of RAW several months ago. They inform that they kept getting cease and desist letters from WWE, regarding things they were saying in Being the Elite. They intended for the invasion to be a parody of original DX invasion, where they’d show up and find the stooge within WWE who’s watching their videos and sending them these letters.

Jimmy Jacobs came running out and gave them a big hug because they hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years. They told him not to tweet the selfie he took because they knew he’d get fired, but he did it anyways. Jericho points out that Jacobs had to know what he was doing that day; he knew he’d be the biggest babyface in the wrestling world after getting fired for taking a picture with the Bucks.

They were forced to stop the “too sweet” hand gesture after that invasion but they weren’t concerned because they wanted to cut it out of their act anyways. WWE’s cease and desist letter just made it way easier for them to do so. They add that they never meant to mock veteran performers by utilizing that gesture. Rather, they were influenced by lots of wrestlers and did that as a tribute to the guys who came before them.

Matt and Nick inform that they have some influence over who gets in the Bullet Club, but ultimately the decision is made by Gedo.

Speaking about their upcoming “All In” event, they mention that Cody Rhodes had talked to them about a stadium show, but he was particularly influenced by Dave Meltzer saying ROH would struggle to sell out a 10,000 stadium. They have interest from lots of major sponsors, even some who’ve wanted to finance the whole thing, but they want to do it on their own. They are literally all in on this venture.

Jericho asks them about the possibility of them working for WWE in the future. They admit that making it to WWE was a goal for them for a long time, but not anymore. 2 and a half years ago A.J. Styles told them he’d never go to WWE, but then he got a call and he worked something out so they’ll never say never. They add that working for WWE might be the one missing highlight in their career at this point.

That sums up today’s episode of Talk is Jericho. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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