WWE Switching Up The Way Ronda Rousey Is Used On Television


Ronda Rousey is in WWE now and as a full-time Superstar, it’s going to be tough to keep her on Raw as often as she’s expected while saving her matches to mean something special.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed WWE’s position with Ronda on Wrestling Observer Radio. It looks like WWE is trying awfully hard but it might be best if they went with the idea of less is more.

“I felt like the usage of Ronda Rousey in kind of a nothing of a situation she kind of felt like less of a star than she should feel like on this show. I feel like they don’t need to figure out a way to use her every single week. In fact, it’s best for all concerned if she’s on the ‘Lesnar Schedule’ where she doesn’t always show up but when she shows up it’s always impactful.”

“I think right now they’re trying to figure out a way to get her on every week without wrestling and I mean you can do that and there’s ways to do that but I don’t know if this is that way. But the fact she was on late and she has star presence kind of helped the Natalya/Mickie James match.”

How do you think they should book Ronda Rousey every week without having her wrestle?

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