Watch Mike Kanellis’ Hilarious Reaction To Not Breaking A Shameful Royal Rumble Record


Mike Kanellis is one of the most bizarre signings the WWE has made in the past decade. He got to the main roster without having to go through the NXT but then disappeared from TV for months without any explanation.

It was revealed later that the former TNA X-Division Champion was in the WWE sponsored rehab working on his addiction problems. Finally, he got clean and even welcomed his first daughter some weeks ago.

However, it might be too late as it seems like Kanellis is now reduced to being a jobber. At the Greatest Royal Rumble Kanellis was eliminated by Mark Henry as soon as he entered the ring.

This elimination had Kanellis in paranoia because he could have broken Santino Marella’s record for the quickest elimination from a Royal Rumble Match. However, it was revealed to Kanellis that he had not broken Marella’s record of 1.9 seconds and had stayed in the Rumble for 2.49 seconds before his elimination.

This news filled Kanellis with relief and joy as he went on to compare himself to Daniel Bryan saying that he and Bryan were on the same playing field because they were both eliminated. Kanellis then hugged the interviewer and enthusiastically raced to the backstage area.

Here’s the entire video of Kanellis’ hilarious reaction:

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