Big Show Missed Greatest Royal Rumble Due To Injury

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The Greatest Royal Rumble promised to bring a lot of people to Saudi Arabia and they delivered on a lot of big names. But The Big Show didn’t make the event in Jeddah even though he was advertised to be there.

Dave Meltzer opened up about The Big Show on Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that he didn’t make the event because he was injured.

“Big Show was injured about three weeks ago again he was coming back from his injury and he got reinjured. So that’s why he wasn’t in the match. I don’t know how severe but it was severe enough. They wanted him in this match you could tell because look at all those big guys they brought in and except for [the Great Khali] you know [Big Show] is the biggest guy.”

“But Big Show got hurt. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.”

It’s never a good time to get injured, especially when you’re booked for a match in Saudi Arabia. Get well soon Big Show.

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