The Greatest Royal Rumble was touted as being a step for change in Saudi Arabia. While they are making moves in the right direction like letting women drive, there is still a lot of work to do.

Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio how in the end WWE won’t be helping the Saudi Arabian government approach any type of change faster because it’s all on them.

“It’s like WWE coming is going to help [Saudi Arabia] change, that is fucking bullshit. Okay? WWE was paid to give a political advertisement. They will make changes how they ever want to make changes. They may have people who want to make changes and that’s well and good in time but WWE is not going to have any influence whatsoever on their changes.”

Meltzer continued saying a small thing WWE could have done was have female talent at least backstage so they could cut promos that weren’t even seen in Saudi Arabia but that didn’t even happen. In the end, it’s going to up to Saudi Arabia to make these changes because apparently, WWE is just 10-year a propaganda tool.

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H Jenkins

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