At the Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah, there will be seven title matches. It’s a crazy amount. With that many matches, there’s bound to be some change. Who will walk out of Saudia Arabia with the gold around their waists?

jeff hardy

I strongly believe that Jeff Hardy is going to vanquish Mahal once and for all at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Hardy needs to keep the title with him on Smackdown so that he can face Randy Orton at Backlash for the title. Maybe we can even throw Shelton Benjamin into that match.

I don’t see Mahal regaining the red, white, and blue. He lost the title just as quick as he got it. It’s hard to see where he’s going to fit in on Raw. And with him losing to Chad Gable earlier this week, the odds are not in his favor.


seth rollins

Since I believe Jeff Hardy is retaining, by default that means that I believe Seth Rollins is retaining his Intercontinental Championship as well. Sure, the odds are stacked against him, but I believe that he walks out victorious after the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Rollins is easily one of the future top dogs of WWE. Heck, he can already be considered one of them. Losing the Intercontinental Championship so quickly could damage Rollins’ reputation. It also means that they have no long term plans for him, and that they just gave him the title for the sake of making him a Grand Slam winner.

Rollins is the type of performer to build a show around, and the best way to do that right now is by having him retain.

bray wyatt and woken matt hardy

You’d have to be kind of stupid to think that Sheamus and Cesaro even have a chance of winning the Raw Tag Team Championship while they’re on Smackdown. Seriously.

Meanness aside, Wyatt and Hardy winning is totally the right move. WWE needs to get behind Hardy if they want him to succeed. The story is just finding its footing, and the unlikely duo picking up the titles is a step in the right direction.

Should they lose, the story falls flat. What now? What’s next for the two of them should they lose in their first actual challenge?

bludgeon brothers

You’d think  that with the way the Bludgeon Brothers so easily dismantle and destroy their competition that they’d be unstoppable. It sure seems that way. The Usos, former tag team champions, couldn’t even get the upper hand until Naomi interfered on their behalf.

I just don’t see Harper and Rowan losing so quickly at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It should be a clean and dominant victory that finally allows the Usos to leave the title picture and let some new blood challenge for the titles.

For me, this is pretty much a no-brainer.

cedric alexander

Since Buddy Murphy was apparently deemed too fat to compete on 205 Live, they needed a new challenger for Cedric Alexander. How many of you can tell me who that is?

Kalisto won a gauntlet match, and with it, the right to face Alexander at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Given Kalisto’s track record and WWE’s seeming unwillingness to fully invest in the Luchador, I believe Alexander retains at Saudi Arabia. When Alexander defeats Kalisto, he can move on to better storylines, such as against Buddy Murphy, or even a rematch against Mustafa Ali. Kalisto is not the man to beat Alexander.

shinsuke nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura’s heel turn has breathed new life into him. Now he’s a serial dick puncher. And he’s a serial dick puncher who has a very real chance of winning the WWE Championship. Heck, maybe he’ll even win it with a dick punch.

If Nakamura doesn’t win, then I don’t know where he goes next. WWE has put a lot of thought into the heel turn. He’s got new music. He has a character now. It’s crazy.

If Nakamura wins, maybe they can extend the feud to Backlash, maybe even in a no disqualification match so that he an AJ Styles can punch each other in the dick all they want. But Nakamura has to win at the Greatest Royal Rumble. He is the hottest he’s been since joining the main roster. WWE should capitalize on that.

roman reigns

I think that at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Reigns is finally dethroning Brock “Brock Lesnar” Lesnar. It would be the first time the Universal Championship changes hands outside of North America, so that’s pretty cool.

For real though, Reigns has to win. Think of all the exciting feuds he could have. Reigns v. Mojo Rawley. Reigns v. Mike Kanellis. Reigns v. Zack Ryder.

Again, joking aside, Raw needs its top champion back. And if Lesnar retains, then the whole last year would have been a total waste of time. Not cool.

Steve Carrier

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