An All-Female WWE Pay-Per-View Isn’t Worth The Risk


The Greatest Royal Rumble is drawing some criticism because no females are allowed to work this event even though Triple H alluded to the fact that they’re working on it.

The idea was thrown out there on Wrestling Observer Radio that to counteract the bad press WWE is getting from the all-male Greatest Royal Rumble event that they could in turn book an all-female pay-per-view. Then Dave Meltzer had an insightful and slightly controversial opinion to share on the matter.

“I don’t know I mean, what if the show bombs? You know I guess it can’t bomb on the Network but it could bomb at the gate. Is it worth the embarrassment that would prove that would have? If they did an all-women’s pay-per-view and they couldn’t sell tickets? It’s probably, I would say it’s probably not worth the risk. It’s more harm than good in that situation.”

Meltzer might have a point because if the event failed then it would not only damage WWE’s reputation but also the Women’s Division that they’ve put so much stock in recently. But others might argue it’s worth a shot because they do deserve it. Would you watch an all-female WWE event on the WWE Network?

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