Anthem taped another episode of Impact Wrestling tonight. Here are the spoiler results courtesy of Sir Owen Disney.

* Xplosion: Grado(w/ Katarina) pinned Caleb Konley(w/ Trevor Lee) after a Roll ‘N Slice.

* AAA Latin American Champion El Hijo Del Fantasma pinned Jake Crist(w/ Dave Crist) after a Forward Roll. Afterwards Dave jumped Fantasma & Fantasma ended up fighting off both until Sami Callahan ran down with the bat & decked Fantasma. OVE unstrapped the mask of Fantasma and the lights went out leading to Pentagon Jr. running out for the save. He cleared both Crists out & stared down Sami who ran away to the back. Fantasma & Pentagon celebrates afterwards. Tells Tommy Dreamer to get how fat ass down here. Dreamer comes out to be the voice of reason to the insane Edwards. Asks Tommy if he would change anything he did. Tommy says he is a hypocrite. Why won’t you let me end Sami? Dreamer says to move on. Eddie & Alisha hasn’t spoke in a week. Asks Tommy how he knows. Dreamer is threatened by Edwards. Eddie is knocked down. Eddie canes Dreamer & leaves.

* LAX(w/ Eddie Kingston) defeated World Tag Champions Z&E when Andrew Everett was pinned by Ortiz after the Street Sweeper. LAX then celebrated in the crowd with the titles.


* KM out with a mic & says he tried to take Fallah Bahh under his wing. KM is bigger than Impact & they need to rename the company to Kmpact Wrestling. This is all about me. He calls out Fallah one on one. Fallah Bahh pulls out a piece of paper & says bye bye before leaving. KM reads it & it says KM you say you friend bah but you still act bully bah. You still need to grow up bah. You don’t fight I bah. You find standby wrestler bah. Yes or no no no. KM thinks it’s Richard Justice. Here comes Scott Steiner.

* Scott Steiner defeated KM via the Steiner Recliner.

* Madison Rayne pinned Taya Valkyrie after a Rayne Drop. Madison grabs the mic afterwards saying it’s exciting to come back home to the Impact Zone. I wasn’t gonna be an in ring competitor but moments are meant to be capitalized upon. At Slammiversary I will slay the undead bride & become 6 time Knockouts Champion. Laughter is heard from Su Yung but no one is there. Madison leaves to the back.

* Kongo Kong & Jimmy Jacobs come out to distract Brian Cage during his X-Division Title match against Matt Sydal. Kong sends Cage into the ring steps & Cage is counted out. Sydal retains. Jacobs & Kong celebrate with Sydal. We have a new group.

* Dezmond Xavier pinned Petey Williams after a Jocay-le. Afterwards they showed sportsmanship and shook hands. Fantastic match.

* Tessa Blanchard defeated Keira Hogan after a Full Nelson spun into a face buster on an open chair.

* Pentagon Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated OVE(w/ Sami Callahan) when Pentagon pinned Jake Crist after a Pentagon Driver. Afterwards Sami attacked Pentagon with the bar & hit Fantasma for good measure.

* Pentagon went to snap Jake’s arm but was hit by the bat from Sami. Sami beat Pentagon & threatened to unmask him. Fantasma made a delayed save with a chair chasing OVE up the ramp. They ripped Pentagon’s mask slightly but couldn’t get the job done.

* Xplosion: Su Yung against the returning Diamante with LAX. Huge welcome back chant for her. Diamante blew a Tope catching herself on the rope. She continued the match after. Su Yung pinned Diamanté after the Panic Switch.

* Xplosion: Eli Drake pinned Fallah Bahh after a Springboard Moonsault. Drake on the mic says it’s his house, he runs this place. Eli is in a giving mood. He wants to give cheesecake to the fans but they get nothing. Eli tells the truth even when he lies. Puts over Fallah & gives him cheesecake. Fallah eats a bit until Eli shoves the cake in his face. Fallah hits a belly to belly & a Banzai Drop as he eats the cake off his face. He rubs it in Drake’s face. Banzai attempt & Drake runs away.

This concluded tonight’s tapings.

Steve Carrier

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