The Greatest Royal Rumble is drawing a substantial amount of controversy due to the fact that WWE seems to be working so closely with the Saudi Arabian government which is unsettling for some fans.

But Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio how the Greatest Royal Rumble could also feature an aspect which isn’t used in WWE, an intermission.

“It may be longer, by normal traditions there’s going to be an hour intermission because they have a prayer hour which would take place in the middle of the show.”

WWE is catering to every custom of Saudi Arabia including not bringing any women along, Saudi Arabia is a very religious country and they have strict daily traditions. therefore if the Saudis tell them they need an hour break during the show then there’s probably nothing WWE can do except for making it happen.

Whether this hour-long intermission is factored into the scheduled run-time of at least five-hours is another matter entirely.


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H Jenkins

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