Seth Rollins Reminiscences At His Old Favorite Hooters Restaurant

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Seth Rollins might not need to worry about watching every WWE pay-per-view because he’s wrestling on most of them at this point. But there was a time when Rollins had to make sure he didn’t miss the action.

Rollins recently had the chance to revisit one of his favorite spots in the world as he went back to the Hooters restaurant in Davenport, Iowa where he used to watch WWE pay-per-views.

The Architect said he used to go there at least once a month to watch his favorite WWE Superstars like Shawn Michaels do their thing in the ring. He tucked himself away in the corner and had a chance to immerse himself in the environment where he used to watch unforgettable moments in WWE go down.

Now Seth gets to watch those moments in the ring and from backstage, but it was pretty cool to watch him take a trip down memory lane like this.

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