The Miz may have lost the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania to Seth Rollins, but his most recent reign with the white strap did begin in impressive fashion.

On the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw, Miz invoked his automatic rematch clause against the man who had beaten him for the title roughly one month earlier, Roman Reigns. The WWE crowd at the Barclay’s Center that evening had mixed feelings per usual for the Big Dog, but gave The Miz a heroes welcome, and went absolutely ruckus when he surprisingly pinned Roman to regain the gold.

On the WWE 24 special covering the 25th anniversary, The Miz speaks out on why he thinks he got that reaction, and how emotional it made him in the moment.

I remember pinning him 1-2-3. And just everything becomes warm, and you get this sensation that you kind of feel your eyes water, and you’re saying, ‘oh my God, don’t cry, don’t cry.’ To hold the Intercontinental title for the eighth time, there’s no feeling like that. Normally when I win a title, it’s a ‘boo’. This time was kind of a cheer. I don’t know. Maybe for the first time I got respect. Maybe. I got to have my celebration at the Manhattan Center. The fans actually reacted to me as if I was a good guy and it was awesome. I thought maybe I had the respect at Barclays [Center], but at Manhattan Center, these are the hardcore fans. For those hardcore fans to chant ‘thank you, Miz’, I’ve won the respect of the WWE Universe.

It’s a fond memory to think of, and certainly a highlight in the career of the A-lister. Unfortunately, the A-lister may not be with us much longer. Well, with him being drafted to SmackDown Live and being hunted by the American Dragon.


What a time to be alive.


Steve Carrier

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