In a day and age where news can travel so fast sometimes, it makes it difficult to tell what’s going on until the dust settles. After Rusev was replaced by Chris Jericho at the Greatest Royal Rumble some fans were starting to fear the worst about Rusev’s WWE status.

But as it turns out it was all a work on social media. Bryan Alvarez made it very clear on Wrestling Observer Live that Rusev was pulled from his match against The Undertaker for totally different reasons and it had nothing to do with his tweet or what he said on TMZ about Taker being past his prime.

“There is no scandal involving Rusev, it is all storyline. Rusev is no longer in the match with The Undertaker. He has been replaced by Chris Jericho. They ran some goofy stuff on social media to I guess get people talking — which they did. Rusev I believe is going to be in the Greatest Royal Rumble so he’s still on the show.”

“The point of this is that Rusev is not quitting. He’s not leaving. He’s not getting fired. Nothing like that. They just decide Jericho vs Undertaker would be a better match even though they announced Rusev vs Undertaker before they figured that out.”

Therefore WWE and Rusev appear to be okay for now. Alvarez noted that WWE likes “working the internet, they think it’s funny.”

So it might only be a matter of time before another story breaks where we don’t know what to believe. But apparently, WWE likes it that way. 


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