Kurt Angle had a nice little zinger for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on Raw this week when the two former SmackDown Live Superstars came to him looking for a job. He told them to try TNA because they were hiring.

This obvious nod to the company now known as Impact Wrestling wasn’t lost on the WWE Universe and Angle set up a match between the two best friends where the winner would get the one spot available because apparently there was an open slot on Raw. In the end, nobody won as the referee made the 10 count and neither man could get to their feet in time.

Angle looked impressed by Kevin and Sami which could very well result in both of those guys finding homes on Raw after the Superstar Shake-Up. But for now they’re still unemployed for the purposes of the story line.

Austin Aries left WWE last year to join Impact Wrestling and now that he started a hobby collecting championship titles he doesn’t seem to be looking back at all. A Double recently spoke to The Sun where he discussed how he felt about Angle’s TNA comment on Monday Night Raw.


 “I didn’t think a whole lot of it, I think every wrestling company is hiring. They have obviously done quite a bit of hiring themselves over the last six months. I think that’s what wrestling companies do.”

“Someone should probably give them a memo and update them that TNA no longer exists, so their writing team was a little outdated on the joke.”

“But hey, it’s cool man, yeah we are hiring, if you come here we won’t test you, or take money out your pocket for smoking marijuana. There are a lot of perks to coming here, yeah, it’s all about what you want for your career and your life.”

“We are trying to provide something that is an alternative. The funny thing is, that was one of the most talked about things that happened on that show.”

The fact Angle said TNA when the company is called Impact Wrestling now is another point entirely. But it doesn’t look like The Greatest Man That Ever Lived was shaken up by this supposed dig at his new pro wrestling home at all.

After all, as he said it was one of the most talked about things on Raw this week so they must be doing something right.

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