Next week, WWE is having the Superstar Shakeup. Without rhyme or reason, people will switch from one brand to another. Last year, Raw got the likes of Dean Ambrose, the Miz, and Bray Wyatt, whereas Smackdown got Jinder Mahal, Rusev, and the Shining Stars.

Hopefully WWE’s learned their lesson from last year and doesn’t move anyone in an ongoing feud (such as Wyatt, who got transfered before his feud with Orton could end). While the Shakeup offers new and exciting changes, some superstars just need to stay where they are.

Shinsuke nakamura

At Wrestlemania, Shinsuke Nakamura punched AJ Styles in the dick. He then proceeded to do so again on Smackdown. So why should this dick-puncher stay on Smackdown during the Superstar Shakeup?


When he attacked Styles on Smackdown again, he did so during a match between Styles and now-an-active-superstar-and-no-longer-general-manager Daniel Bryan. If this doesn’t set up a triple threat between the three at Backlash or Greatest Royal Rumble or something, I don’t know anymore.

With the Holy Trinity of Nakamura, Styles, and Bryan holding down the main event scene, things could be very interesting. You could add almost anyone to that mix and it would be a great match. Orton, Corbin, Roode, and Rusev could all have great matches with those three. With such a dynamic main event scene, Smackdown will be stacked.

daniel bryan

Aside from being a part of the new Holy Trinity of Smackdown’s main event scene, there are other reasons that Daniel Bryan absolutely needs to stay on Smackdown during the Superstar Shakeup. Smackdown was his home for two years, so it wouldn’t feel right to see him wrestle on Raw.

I’d also love to see Bryan stay on Smackdown because it could create an interesting storyline where Bryan tries to cope with being a wrestler after being a general manager for so long. It doesn’t sound cool right now, but if it’s done well, it could be something special.

Also, if Bryan stays on Smackdown, then we’re one step closer to getting my dream match between Daniel Bryan and Mike Kanellis.

braun strowman

While it may seem that Braun’s done all there is to do on the Raw brand, that simply isn’t true. I feel that Strowman has become almost a cornerstone of Raw. It wouldn’t be right seeing him on Smackdown. He’s essential to Monday nights. The Superstar Shakeup should leave Braun Strowman alone.

We’ve also not seen Braun duke it out with some of Raw’s baddest men. Imagine Braun Strowman v. Samoa Joe. That is a hoss fight that I would want to see. Two massive men just duking it out.

Or imagine Braun Strowman v. Bobby Lashley. Two enormous powerhouses just beating the hell out of each other. Lashley’s time away from WWE allowed him to reinvent and redevelop himself, and he is a star now. A match between him and Strowman would be must see.

And what about Braun Strowman v. Big Cass?


Elias, along with Braun Strowman, is one of the success stories of Raw. He is now one of the most entertaining superstars on Raw right now. When people hear the strum of the guitar, they know something’s going down.

I’d like Elias to remain on Raw for just a bit longer. He should be a great welcoming feud for Lashley. Hopefully they beat the hell out of each other.

Once he’s done with Lashley (or Lashley’s done with him), Elias could feud with the likes of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Raw is Elias, so hopefully the Superstar Shakeup doesn’t mess that up.

I also worry that Smackdown may not be able to give Elias the proper time he needs to do his shtick and win over the crowd. On Raw, they have three hours to kill, so giving Elias 15 minute segments is no big deal.

Steve Carrier

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