Dinner With the King Recap – Lawler Suffers A Stroke, HOF Ceremony Recap, WrestleMania Thoughts, More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Glenn Moore.

Lawler opens today’s show by informing that he suffered a stroke 3 weeks ago. He was in his bedroom with his girlfriend when he noticed slurring in his speech, and after looking in the direction of his girlfriend she saw that the side of his face was drooping and screamed as she knew he was having a stroke. She immediately drove him to the hospital and they confirmed that he was having a stroke and began performing tests.

He spent the next 3 days in the ICU and he was completely unable to speak. At one point his girlfriend asked him to say her name and he was unable to. Doctors performed more tests but even though the bleeding on his brain had stopped, his speech continued to deteriorate.

Finally after 3 days, he woke up one morning and his voice was completely back to normal and he felt great. Doctors couldn’t believe what they were seeing and were shocked at Lawler’s quick recovery, seemingly out of nowhere. His girlfriend had previously told the doctors about Lawler’s WrestleMania commitments, and they said there’s no way he’d be able to do that. After his miraculous recovery, Lawler was able to make it to New Orleans and fulfilled all of his WrestleMania weekend duties – including shooting a fireball at Joey Ryan’s penis!

While Lawler was out of commission his girlfriend also called Kevin Dunn and told him what had happened. Somehow Dunn and Vince McMahon kept the information under wraps, and no news of Lawler’s stroke snuck out to the media over WrestleMania weekend, which he was very thankful for.

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