Brock Lesnar isn’t going anywhere for a bit but nothing will really change. After all, he wasn’t even at the Raw after WrestleMania the next night even though Roman Reigns was but maybe that’s WWE’s plan.

But with this new deal, it was discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer exactly what’s going on in regards to Brock fighting in the UFC as well.

“There’s not a lot of info… it’s a short-term deal. It allows him to fight in UFC at least once perhaps more but if it’s a short-term deal there’s probably only a need to fight once. It may just be, it has to be at least 6 months before he can fight anyway because he has to go through 6-months of USADA testing and he hasn’t gone in for the testing. It could also be that he has no intention of going back to UFC and this whole thing has just been a ploy to get a new deal. But if that’s the case he probably would have signed for a longer-term deal.”

It was noted how interesting Lesnar’s situation was at Mania and almost nobody knew the finish of the match. After all, WWE had been building to this moment for four years now. But Brock Lesnar’s new contract really added another level of interest to Mania’s main event.

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