Last night, Daniel Bryan came out of retirement to face Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn alongside Shane McMahon. The leader of the YES! Movement hadn’t missed a step and ended up getting the victory for his team.

After the match, Bryan expressed his thoughts about his triumphant return to the squared circle:

I loved it. Like, it’s a, you know, I fought for this for the last three years and one of the things I promised myself when I came back is that I wouldn’t let any of the wrestling stuff, the backstage, anything, nothing was gonna stop me from enjoying just what I love to do. And so I was able to go out there, just close my eyes for a little bit and just feel it and uh, it was fantastic. And it’s really cool because there’s a lot of things we have no control over but the one thing we do have control over is ourselves and how you fight for something.

And one of the things that Brie told me is that like no matter who else says NO around you, like, you are the only that can control YOU so you just keep pushing forward and keep pushing forward.

After the match, Bryan went to his wife, Brie Bella, who was seated in the audience and she showed him a picture of their daughter, Birdie Joe, watching Bryan wrestle. Here’s what Bryan had to say about it:

Oh my gosh, that made me cry, like, my daughter got to see me wrestle, right? I mean she can’t understand, she won’t remember but I’ll have that picture. And she (Brie) showed me a picture that my sister took [of] Birdie watching us, me and Brie being able to hug.

And one of the things I actually regret that I didn’t get last time I was here in New Orleans…so that [his victory] happened on a Sunday and the following Friday Brie and I were getting married and I wanted to celebrate that moment with Brie and I didn’t get a chance to and this one I did so that’s just amazing.

You can watch the full backstage interview here:


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Darshan Sheth

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