They did it again. Since 2014, NXT has been setting a very high standard with their bi-monthly NXT Takeover events, each one constantly building upon the stories told from its last. Their most recent special, which took place last night on the eve of WrestleMania, is already being hailed as possibly their greatest triumph ever. They wouldn’t be wrong.

Immediately following we saw the father of the yellow and black developmental brand, Triple H give an interview with WWE’s Cathy Kelley on Facebook Live. In it, we hear the King of King’s rundown of the evening and where he believes tonight will lead for the future of the promotion. Before signing off, Hunter gave a special mention to the NXT Universe for once again creating a night not to be forgotten.

I will say this. The one thing that makes NXT special beyond anything else: it’s all the talent, it is everybody here…but the crowd here tonight. You know, New Orleans, there’s a lot going on here this week. You come here tonight, sold out crowd. 14,000 people in this building and there was not a down moment. It was insane. You know, that is what this is about. We say it all the time. It’s the talent, it’s the people back here. It’s all of it. But we are NXT. That includes everybody out there, because without them, this is nothing. Their desire to see this, and our desire to give it them is what makes it special. We are NXT.

H/T and Transcribed from RingsideNews

Watch the full interview here:


This year’s WrestleMania will certainly be memorable, but it will once again have to compete against it’s far superior creation.

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