Braun Strowman Addresses Fans Who Waited A Ridiculous Amount Of Time To Meet Him


Braun Strowman is insanely popular and fans waited in line for hours just to meet those hands at Axxess today. Three hours is a long time to meet someone, but when you’re talking about Braun Strowman it might be worth it.

After all, Strowman could become one of the biggest WWE Superstar of all time and that’s not just a play on words due to his enormous size.

Strowman realized how long his fans waited to see him and felt the need to send out a thank you via the interwebs. He really proved that he can babyface it up with the best of them with this kind of message and that’s not a totally bad thing.

In time Braun Strowman could become so popular that waiting in line for 3 hours to meet him might not sound too bad at all. But fans who walked away with Strowman’s autograph a picture today really showed some impressive dedication for sure.

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