Who Will Win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

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At Wrestlemania 34, a whole bunch of people will compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Everyone, from dudes who only appear on house shows, to Dolph Ziggler, will be in the fabled match. There are a lot of moving parts in this piece. There’s no clear favorite.

All that said, some people have more of a chance than others. Who will be the last man standing?

Baron Corbin

Yes, everyone’s favorite almost-main-eventer-but-still-mostly-a-midcarder, Baron Corbin, will be competing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The way it stands right now, Corbin is an easy favorite to win. Could Corbin win and become the first ever two-time winner of the match?

While WWE isn’t exactly consistent when it comes to Corbin’s momentum, they’ve shown that they’re willing to give him some. He’s a former Mr. Money in the Bank, and he’s a former United States Champion. He’s competed in more WWE Championship matches than Sami Zayn, and he has more one-on-one matches for the WWE Championship than Kevin Owens.

While Corbin’s momentum is hardly ever sustained, he could easily win the battle royal and use it to further his character.

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