Chris Jericho Reveals Idea He Pitched to Vince McMahon for WrestleMania


Chris Jericho is always thinking and even though he might not be with WWE right now he’s still around in spirit. He often pops his head in when he can and obviously stays in contact in spite of his busy road schedule with Fozzy.

During the recent fiasco revolving around the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal being named after Fabulous Moolah, it seemed that everyone had an opinion about what WWE should do and they demonized Moolah’s legacy in the process.

WWE pulled the plug on the idea of giving Moolah her own memorial battle royal because the fans got wind of this to Snickers and they weren’t satisfied.

Jericho recently discussed this fact on Talk Is Jericho and revealed that he actually texted Vince McMahon about an idea he had about how to get them out of this PR nightmare.

“I actually texted Vince and said, ‘You should call it the Sensational Invitational’ and name it after Sherri Martel. He sent me a “thx” back. ‘Thanks.’”

It’s great that Jericho and McMahon have the kind of relationship where they can text back and forth and even better to know that Vince McMahon uses, “thx” as a reply.

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