Jeff Jarrett Continuing with Global Force Wrestling Project

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Jeff Jarrett, who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend before WrestleMania, commented on the status of Global Force Wrestling while speaking to Sporting News.

Not much as been said regarding Global Force Wrestling since the deal between Impact Wrestling fell through back  but it now appears that Jeff has his sights set on continuing the project. Jeff Revealed that he plans to capitalize on the international scene moving forward.

“Our industry has extreme growth potential international and Global Force is working on two specific projects. One very big, the other is still pretty big. When you look around the world and, through my TNA days and ever dating back a few years before that, the international scene is only going to get bigger. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s got such growth opportunity. Internationally is where I’m going, where Global Force is going, and I think that’s where the industry is going.”

For those not aware, Jarrett was the President of Impact Wrestling when the company was going to rebrand itself into GFW. However, these plans were scrapped on October 23, 2017 Impact Wrestling announced the termination of its relationship with Jarrett and his company Global Force Entertainment Inc due to backstage problems and Jarrett’s health complications. It will be interesting to see how Jarrett takes GFW to a new direction in the international market.

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