Paige addressed fans that have been saying “she got fat” and that she’s a “big girl now” via Instagram.

“When the internet society keeps saying “she got fat” “Paige got big” “Paige is a big girl now” I post another full body selfie. ?? I’m just shoving a middle finger up in the air to body shamers. Being in the public eye can be hard when people out there are jealous and just want to make you feel bad about yourself to make them feel better about themselves. I was too skinny, now I’m considered too big. It’s ridiculous. But I’m happy. People of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Be confident. You don’t have to be in the public eye to be cyber bullied. Just being on social media in general can generate the worst hate sometimes. But you know when you have haters.. that means you’re doing something right. Tag me in your selfie today to show me how beautiful you all are. Plus the trolls will hate it and they’ll see that you’re confident in yourself and know you’re beautiful. ?????????????? this isn’t a Pity party post. This is just to show the world we don’t care what they think! #EveryHumanDeservesRespect”

You can check out her post below:

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